A Louisiana Political Communications Company

Welcome to CAMCO Consulting, a Louisiana political communications and pubic affairs company.

What We Do for Winning Candidates and Causes

Strategic Political Consulting
We work to build political strategies that are unique for each campaign.  Our detailed plans include message and platform development, budgeting and fundraising achievement goals, timelines, and demographic and historical analysis of the election district.
Political Campaign Management
Chadwick Melder has over 20 continuous years experience working in political campaigns, everything from ‘sign guy’ to campaign manger.  And along the way, he has learned from experience many tip and tricks, pitfalls, and how to handle most situation that usually arise during an election. We believe in building teams.  No one can win alone.  A winning campaign must be built with an team organization that  is cohesive and willing to work together to achieve success.  Our consulting services include training the field team, implementing procedures that are designed to work with the overall plan.
Creative Graphic, Media & Digital Content Design
We design content that is engaging, informative, and original which is used to implement the overall campaign plan.  We produce effective communications that tells your story to your voters. Our in-house design capabilities include campaign logos, print designs (push cards, brochures, door hangers), website and social media ad design, and media ad creation and production.
Direct Mail Communications
We have produced winning direct mail for political candidates, committees, public agencies, and issues for 19 years.  We oversee the entire direct mail process: design, copywrite, field photography, list management and targeting, and postage.  Because we have our own USPS mailing permit, we can track the process and ensure that it timely arrives to the selected voters.  Click here view a selection of our direct mailers.
Public Affairs and Press/Media Consulting
[simple_accordion_section] We contact public affairs campaigns for government agencies to promote their department or cause.
Polling, Voter Identification, GOTV Phones
We conduct voter identification polling, automated response calls, persuasion calls, and Get Out the Vote calling and texting,
Voter Performance Lists, Data and Statistics, and Targeting
We target your district’s voters in various avenues: demographics, voter participation preference, party affiliation, and historical precinct performace, etc.  We use fresh data from the Sectretary of State and append private data points to generate a thorough tartget voter.
Trail Blazer Campaign Management Software

Trail Blazer® Political Campaign Manager

Enjoy our easy-to-use political campaign software and take advantage of the most powerful campaign management tools in the industry. Trail Blazer is the next generation of campaign software. Don’t settle for less. Winning your next election is what we’re all about.

Smarter Campaign Software

Avatar-TrailBlazerOur campaign software smartly manages your voter files, allows you to target specific voting blocks,  tracks your online donations, simplifies canvassing using mobile apps, sends and tracks all of your mass email, and makes campaign finance reporting a snap….just to name a few.

Leverage Your Fundraising Efforts

Leverage the power of our campaign software to build your coalition and deliver the fundraising dollars you need to ramp up your campaign. In one single platform, you’ll be able to manage your entire political campaign. No need for five different programs. We’ve got every campaign tool built right in. Best of all, we’re affordable for local, state and federal campaigns.

Easily Manage Your Voter Data

In addition, we’ve designed our campaign management software so you can drill down without a long learning curve. We know your time is valuable, so we’ve made our campaign software do all the heavy lifting.

Track Key Voting Blocks Easily

Not every voter management software package is easy to use, but with Trail Blazer, tracking your key voting blocks within your voter file is fast and easy.  With our custom attributes feature, you can create categories of voters and easily monitor them.

Plus, we allow you to append up to 1500 data points like ethnicity, income, affiliations, occupation, etc. Just ask for pricing on the data you’re looking for.

Political Campaign Fundraising

We give you all the online campaign fundraising tools you need.  When it comes to fundraising event planning, we give you an entire events module that includes free mobile-responsive web tools to sell tickets, take event registrations, sell political signs, t-shirts, books and bumper stickers. Everything you need to organize your political rally, fundraiser or online fundraising event is included.

Text to Give — Accept Donations by Text

Give by text offers donors a quick and easy way to get donations in the door. Unlike other give-by-text services, donors can send any amount, not just a set dollar amount, and money is deposited into your organization’s bank account. Give by text is an optional feature from Vanco Services. Donors simply enter their cell phone number, payment method and a 4-digit PIN. After the initial one-time setup, donors receive both an email and text message containing instructions for sending donations by text.

 Mobile Base Camp – Great for Canvassing & More

Now, access your voter file from your mobile device (i.e.  iPad, Android, iPhone & more).  Canvass neighborhoods, view donation totals, pull up contact information, view log notes — all on the go.

You can even make calls to donors while you’re traveling between speaking engagements.  Mobile Base Camp is ideal for field work.  No more paper walklists and your canvassing data can be used real time by others in the campaign.  It’s like having your database in your pocket.



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